New build of swingbench... Testers needed!!

I've just finished a new build of swingbench 2.6 and it has a lot (and I mean a lot) of under the cover changes to try and take advantage of some Java8 features. Most of the changes are to simplify the code and make sure that some of the more complicated concurrent code works as expected. I'd really appreciate it if you get a chance to try this version out and provide me with some feedback.

Change log

  • Reverted back to the old chart engine rather than JavaFX to ensure charts now render on Linux as well as Mac and Windows
  • Improvements in code to ensure that results are always written to a results file or the screen
  • Charbench now has the option of producing a simple human readable report at the end of the run via the "-mr" command line option
  • Users can now update the meta data at the end of a run with the sbutil utility to ensure it reflects the changes that have taken place
  • Better handling of errors when attempting to start graphical utils on server without an output device to render to (headless)

As always you can download it from here

Installing Python 2.7 in local directory on Oracle Bare Metal Cloud

I know there will be Linux and Python specialist spitting feathers about this approach. But if you're in need of an up to date python environment then the following approach might be of help.It's worth nothing that this technique will probably work on most Oracle Enterprise Linux or Red Hat Platform releases.

#make localdirectory to install python i.e.
mkdir python

#make sure latest libs needs for python are installed
sudo yum install openssl openssl-devel
sudo yum install zlib-devel

#Download latest source i.e. Python-2.7.13.tgz and uncompress
tar xvfz Python-2.7.13.tgz

cd Python-2.7.13
#configure python for local install 
config --enable-shared --prefix=/home/opc/python --with-libs=/usr/local/lib
make; make install

#python 2.7.13 is now installed but isn't currently being used (2.6 is still the default)

#get pip
curl -o
#install pip (this will still be installed with 2.6)
sudo python
#install virtualenv
sudo pip install virtualenv
#create a virtualenv using the newly installed python
virtualenv -p /home/opc/python/bin/python myvirtualenv
#activate it
source myvirtualenv/bin/activate
#install packages…
pip install cx_Oracle

Sharding videos on Youtube

I've uploaded 3 videos on installing and configuring sharding in Oracle Database 12c Release 2. I use Virtual Box running Oracle Linux to create a sharded database and run a swingbench workload against it. In part 3 I then add a new shard online and monitor the database as the data is rebalanced across the cluster. You can see them below but I reccomend running them full screen because there's quite a lot going on.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Yet another minor update to swingbench 2.6

This release fixes an annoying issue where some smaller dimension tables weren't populated in the TPC-DS benchmark. It also significantly increases the speed that result files are parsed with the "results2pdf" utility. You can download it from here. Let me know if you have any problems

Minor update to swingbench 2.6

I've just updated swingbench 2.6 (still in Beta). It features a few bug fixes and the following

  • Now ships with Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Drivers
  • A new option to reverse the order in which tables are build by the data generators i.e. small tables first or large tables first.

You can download it at the usual place