CPU Monitor is a lightweight Java app that uses Secure Shell (ssh) to scrape information from a server and chart its configuration and current load. It communicates directly with the server and as a result doesn’t require an agent to be running on the target. It currently supports Linux, Solaris and Mac OS servers with more OS’s coming shortly. You can download it here.

0.2 Just released with the following new features
  • Solaris Support
  • Mini view mode
  • Encrypted passwords in config file
  • New charting engine
  • Fixes for rendering on Linux/Unix

CPU Monitor
CPU monitor is designed to be easy to configure and install and is sufficiently lightweight not to place an unacceptable burden on the server. It uses a simple XML file to specify the servers to monitor and is ideal for monitoring clustered configurations.

It also allows the recording of the load to a file for further analysis

The following features will be added shortly
  • Support for AIX and HP-UX
  • A Character mode
  • A Table Mode
  • Network Monitoring
  • Further statistics collection
  • Source code for information scraping. Allowing improvements on current statistic collection or support for new OS's