Some of you may have heard that I recently changed roles and now work for Google. That means a lot of the content I produce will be more generic in nature working against multiple databases rather than just Oracle. Swingbench will stay Oracle focused since the work to convert it to another database would likely be too complicated to merit the migration. However I do plan to develop more generic tools that will provide a balanced comparison of databases. I will still maintain swingbench and fix and improve functionality to keep it compatible with newer versions of Oracle. Clearly there will be a little delay in version compatible releases since I no longer have access to the newer versions of the JDBC drivers.

To make it easier to maintain the code I'm moving the download of code and issue creation to GitHub. I'm hoping this will make it easier to track problems as they arise and quicker to fix.

So from now on can you please head over to the public swingbench Github repository ( You'll be able to download the newest version of the code from there ( and raise new issues as shown in the picture below.

Napkin 21-08-20, 11.57.55 am

So everything changes and everything stays the same…
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