Each of zip files listed below contains both Linux/Unix and Windows builds. Simply unzip the file to your preferred location. Users adding new transactions in the source directory or updating existing ones should also update the build.xml file to reflect the source directories location. You'll need to make sure you have a set of Oracle/TimesTen client side libraries available if you plan to use native driver functionality.

SwingBench 2.6

Unix/Linux/Windows version 2.6.1149, Updated 18th January 2022 (Requires Java 8+)

Data Generator

Unix/Linux/Windows version Updated 31st Janurary 2020 (Requires Java 8)

Trace Analyzer

Unix/Linux/Windows version Updated 7th June 2010

CPU Monitor

Unix/Linux/Windows version 0.2 Updated 28th September 2015

Database Time Viewer

Unix/Linux/Windows version 0.2 Updated 16th August 2018


Unix/Linux/Windows version 0.5 Updated 24th January 2019 (Requires Java 8)