A New Look

    2 minute read

    A New Start… Quite a lot has changed since I last posted on this website. I had just left Oracle to join Google… A year and a half later I returned to Oracle...


    Swingbench 2.7 June 2023 Update

    less than 1 minute read

    A new build of Swingbench with a whole bunch of small changes mainly related to the benchmarks. Faster build time for the JSON benchmark when creating lar...

    Size Makes A Difference

    6 minute read

    In my previous post “Going Big” I discussed the difference testing a data set of a representative size can make to the usefulness of a benchmark. Running a w...

    Going Big

    9 minute read

    Swingbench makes it simple to generate a dataset that you can simulate transactions against. However one of the problems I commonly see is that the users of ...

    Swingbench 2.7

    1 minute read

    Swingbench 2.7 So I finally found some time to get a new build of swingbench done. The big change is that swingbench now only supports JDK-17 and above. Now,...

    Making Colour work on the Command Line for Windows

    less than 1 minute read

    I’ll make a confession. I don’t own a Microsoft Windows Machine. I never have and probably never will. This means that I generally never get the oppertunity ...

    A New Release of Swingbench

    2 minute read

    A New Release of Swingbench… Along with a new website, I’m rolling out a new build of Swingbench. This release is a little embarrassing for me, as it include...


    A new build of MonitorDB

    less than 1 minute read

    I’ve just updated MonitorDB. It’s never going to replace Grafana but if you need a quick solution to monitor a few values inside of the Oracle Database and y...


    A new build of DB Time Monitor

    less than 1 minute read

    Following quickly on the heels of the update to MonitorDB I’m releasing a new build of DBTimeMonitor. This is a simple update using the latest Oracle jdbc dr...