A New Release of Swingbench to celebrate Oracle Database 23c Free

To celebrate the new release of “Oracle Database Free 23c : Developer Release” I’m releasing a new build of swingbench. This build includes a new “Movie Stream” benchmark and a version built for Java 11 to support some of the older hardware that currently doesn’t support Java 17. In summary, the new changes are as follows

  • New Movie Stream Benchmark
  • Support for Java 11 (Java 17 is still the preferred JVM)
  • Charbench now supports out-of-place invocation (i.e. you don’t need to be in swingbench home )
  • You can now display connection pool stats in the verbose output of charbench
  • There’s now support for Oracle Database Sharding in the SOE benchmark
  • Debug output is now in colour (primarily for my benefit)
  • Transactions have now been refactored such that their patch is consistent with other benchmarks
  • Removed the dependency of DBMS_LOCK for more recent versions of the database

As always you can download the most recent version of the code here


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