A New Release of Swingbench

A New Release of Swingbench…

Along with a new website, I’m rolling out a new build of Swingbench. This release is a little embarrassing for me, as it includes a lot of code I shelved nearly 18 months ago and only recently “rediscovered”. It took some time to merge those changes and add the features shown below. The big changes to the code include

  • New TPC-H Like Benchmark with new wizard and workload config files
  • Command-line output is now in colour. This can be disabled with -nc
  • Properties can now be set at the command line with the -P option
  • Look and feel uses a new more modern skin
  • New option to output content in JSON format
  • Additional error messages are handled more gracefully exiting earlier in the data generation or load process
  • Added a config file for Application Continuity setup
  • Countless small fixes

You can download it here or from github

Checksum below.

$ cksum swingbenchlatest.zip 
1679811525 41211958 swingbenchlatest.zip

So a little more detail on two of the bigger features in this release; TPC-H (Like) support and colour on the command line.

TPC-H Like Benchmark

I’ve been promising support for TPC-H for a while. While the benchmark is somewhat antiquated and doesn’t pose much of a challenge to most modern databases, it’s still a helpful database test. It’s purely analytical and comprises of 19/20 queries of varying complexity. My implementation is close but not identical to the official version, and over time I’ll look to bring it closer into line. As it’s implemented today, each run could be slightly different but over the coming weeks I’ll release some numbers describing its characteristics.

Installing it is the same as all of the other Swinbench benchmarks.

For a graphical install simply change into the swingbench/bin directory and use the command


or on Windows simply change into the winbin directory and use this command


if you’d prefer to do it from the command line use a command such as

./tpchwizard -cl -v -create -cs //localhost/tpch -u tpch -p tpch -cl -scale 10 -v

Once the benchmark has run you can then run swingbench/charbench/minibench against it with the command

./swingbench -c ../configs/TPCH_Like_Workload.xml

or if you prefer the command line

./charbench -c ../configs/TPCH_Like_Workload.xml -u tpch -p tpch -uc 2 -v users,trem,,tpm,tps,resp -rt 0:0.10 -mr -cs //localhost/soe

Colour on the Command Line

We all could do with a little more colour in our life and that’s what this release delivers. By default swingbench (command line specifically) uses colour to highlight errors and make things just a little simpler to parse. You can disable it with the -nc command line option. The gif below shows the install and the running of the TPC-H benchmark from the command line in all it’s coloured glory.


If you have any issues please post them to the issues section on the public swingbench git hub repository


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