Swingbench 2.7

Swingbench 2.7

So I finally found some time to get a new build of swingbench done. The big change is that swingbench now only supports JDK-17 and above. Now, this might sound like a small change to most of you but it required me to hand code several GUI components to get swingbench working. I was carrying a lot of legacy code and those GUI components used Java functionality that has not only been deprecated but also de-supported. So rather than changing and breaking functionality, I spend the time rebuilding them. So farewell JDK-8 we had fun together but all good things must end. And likewise goodbye swingbench 2.6 and hello swingbench 2.7.

New in this release

  • The minimal supported version is now JDK-17
  • Results2pdf now works on Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Coordinator now works again
  • The “Browse Products” in the “Order Entry” benchmark is now correctly read-only
  • Removes rogue debug messages from third-party libraries printing to std-out
  • More color console support
  • Removal of clusteroverview.
  • Removal of a number of legacy libraries

    As you can see from the features above, one of the casualties from the code cleanup and support for JDK 17 was the removal of clusteroverview. It was one of the first extensions I wrote for swingbench and allowed us to demonstrate scalability in Oracle Real Application Clusters. There was nothing I could do to save it. It had too much code in it that would have needed major GUI component rewrites. I think Oracle RAC doesn’t need to prove itself to anyone anymore.

    So raise a glass to clusteroverview. Time to rest.

    As always you can download it here or from github



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