Trace Analyzer

Trace Analyzer simplifes the visualisation of an Oracle SQL Trace file. Making it simpler to figure out the impact of SQL statements running inside of your Oracle Database. Oracle SQL Trace files enable developers to see exactly whats happening in a session detailing how a statement was parsed, executed and fetched. This link describes how to generate them. Once you’ve created a trace file you use Trace analyzer to view it contents to display it in this form.



Installation of Trace Analyzer is very straight forward. After downloading Trace Analyzer from here, simply unzip it into you target directory using a command such as


As long as you have a Java Virtual machine, Oracle or OpenJDK (version 8 and above), on the target machine you should be able to simply start Trace Analyzer by changing into the created directory (traceanalyzer) and invoking a command such as

./traceanalyzer <tracefile>

On Windows

traceanalyzer.bat <tracefile>

You can also load a file into traceanalyzer after you’ve start it.