contains a wide variety of information but will probably be of more interest to those working with Oracle database technology. A large part of the site contains downloads and documents relating to the "swingbench" load generator and various other Oracle specific utilities. You can download the utilities listed below from the downloads page along with various pieces of documentation.


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An easy to use Oracle database load generator. Its comes with its own set of benchmarks and wizards to create them. It can be used to test features of Oracle (partitioning, compression) or evaluate the performance of a new piece of hardware.


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A utility for the creation of tabular data either random or based on existing values. Data can be loaded directly into an Oracle database or stored on the filesystem. Users simply define, or reverse engineer, the table they wish to create and then use the supplied generators to

Trace Analyzer

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Trace Analyzer is a simple tool designed to display SQL trace in a Graphical format and hence provide a richer more interactive way of display the data. It allows users to dynamically rank their SQL and drill down to the individual statements. It also lists the bind parameters and explain plans of SQL statement

Monitor DB

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Monitor DB is a simple SQL visualisation tool that enables you to chart triplet values to a graph and record the values to a file. Whilst it is expected it will mainly monitor Database Stats it can be used to chart anything that can be selected with SQL inside of an Oracle Database.

CPU Monitor

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CPU Monitor is a lightweight Java app that uses Secure Shell (ssh) to scrape information from a server and chart its configuration and current load. It communicates directly with the server and as a result doesn’t require an agent to be running on the target. It currently supports Linux, Solaris and Mac OS servers with more OS’s coming shortly

Database Time Monitor

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Database Time Monitor is a simple standalone tool that enables you to see how “Database Time” is being used by your Oracle application. It’s designed to be as simple as possible without any dependencies. It will run against Oracle Enterprise and Standard Edition. The tool works against Oracle 11g but at present 10g support is still being worked and should be in the next release.