New iWork for Mac

So... Im not one to bang on about how easy to use Macs are simply because unless your using/used one its difficult to describe how trivial little things make doing stuff much easier. A good example of this is in the new Keynote 08 (powerpoint equivalent in iWork). It has an "Alpha" function which means that its trivial to remove the background from an imported image. I do a lot of powerpoint at work (yup I use a mac for work) and Im often forced to use icons or images that I've imported from the web... the problem with these is that they usually have a background in a color which is the complete opposite of the one Im using... so I either have to go with an ugly unprofessional looking slide or spend a few minutes in a "paint" package removing the background... In the new Keynote this takes seconds and is an example of Apple understanding the way that people do "stuff"...

There are hundreds of other examples in the new iLife and iWork packages that really make them stand out as examples of how people should do interfaces and work flows.... so if you get a chance take a look
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