First Update to Swingbench 2.5

Just a small update to swingbench... You can download the new build here

It fixes a few of bugs
  • Incorrect partitioning defaults specified in the oewizard and shwizards configuration files
  • Incorrect profile of transactions for “sh” benchmark
  • “sh” benchmark transaction generated queries for future values that didn’t exist
  • Checks not performed on allowed partitioning values in configuration files for wizard when run in command line
I’ve also added some functionality that should have been put in a long time ago. A drop down list of values for the connection properties. In previous versions of swingbench unless you knew the key values for a connection property it was impossible to add one. The new drop down list should make it much easier.

Pasted Graphic

So the next obvious question is “What are all the connection properties and why did it take you so long to tell us?”. I have no idea why it took so long to tell people what they were. Consider it an over sight but let me try and correct that now.
Connection Properties
This specifies the number of statements to be cached. Valid value is an integer 
Force jdbc to connect to more than one scan listener. Valid values are true or false
Activate Oracle’s Fast Failover connection functionality. Valid values are true or false
Sets TCP_NODELAY of a socket. Valid values are true or false
The remote configurations of Oracle Notification Servers (ONS). Valid values are similar to this “nodes=dbserver1:6200,dbserver2:6200”. See Oracle documentation for more details and examples
The number of ONS servers that jdbc will randomly select from in the advent of a failure. Valid value is an integer
The time taken between traversals of an “ADDRESS_LIST” in the advent of a failure. Specified in seconds
The time queries wait for results before considering that a failure has occurred. Specified in seconds
The number of inserts/updates that are grouped together to improve transaction performance. Valid value is an integer
Number of rows fetched on each round trip to the database. Valid value is an integer

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