Update of 2.3

I've updated 2.3 (I told you I'd be patching regularly) to include new command line functionality for charbench and a few fixes to some of the benchmarks.

I've replaced the old command line options of -vc,-vt, etc. with a more flexible option. you can now choose to list as many or as few metrics as you desire.

./charbench -v users,tpm,tps,cpu,disk,dml

Displays the time of the reading, users logged on, transactions per minute, transactions per second, cpu, disk, and dml operations. Adding the -rr option (refresh rate) allows you t change the speed of update.

./charbench -v users,tpm,tps,cpu,disk,dml -rr 1

Will update the reading every second.

It can be downloaded from the usual location.
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